OMD - Stanlow (Live at Drury Lane, 1981)

Eternally this field remains Stanlow
No heart or head or mind
No season could erase

We set you down to care for us, Stanlow
A vision fading fast
A million hearts to one

So restrained, she turns away, Stanlow
I’ve seen her face in every day
The same routine along the way
Tonight in the rain alone

And then again it’s been so long
Since one single promise kept
All to say to reason
We wanted a heart to say what we want to

A morning comes just as it left
The warmer feeling seldom owned
And tonight all I see alone
And as she turned we always knew
That her heart was never there


The Downtown Lights - The Blue Nile


Joy Electric - What Electricity Made

Track: Broken
Artist: Cesium:137
Album: Identity


DJ Ten - Skynet Rises 2014


New Order - “True Faith”


Ministry - I Wanted To Tell Her

From the album With Sympathy (1983)

Ministry on some funk tip

Track: Playing Dead
Artist: Night Sins
Album: New Grave


This band is a lot better than I expected.


Polysics - I My Me Mine

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